The Following is A Goodbye

To Herbert Alves

You did made me grow
But now it is over, time for me to go

I left your importance behind
If you want it back,
Feel free to go ahead and try to find

I left it under my doormate
Though I don’t really remember why
It surely wasn’t for the satisfaction of stepping upon it

It had something to do with keys
And locks
And clocks
And times

But, oh!
Just forget it.

I left it all behind
My cheeses
My cats
And my morning velvet hats
The things I dearly collect

It is time for day to go on by
This is my absurd
My creation
My goodbye

You will be harmed –
Maybe destroyed
But you’ll learn how to master life
And live
And fly
And be the greatest in your meandering tides

But this time
Less alive.


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