Nobody cares for translations

Ma Mignonne

Let them hundred flowers bloom

I hope they unveil

A little part of you

I cannot translate

The love one has felt

When it’s too late

Too soon to say

I see you

I see you sitting there

With your legs crossed

Paying attention to the robotniks of life

To the hardened kindred spirits

Stone fleeted

Labyrinth minded

Dream faded highlands of time

I see you

See you there

With your

Oh so so pretty hair

Bobbing while you nipper at the tips of my stare

You see a poem

I see a painting

Resting there

Do I?

See you

See you but do not dare

Forward share what it is a reflection

Bemused consternate compassion of inward fear

And if everything is a mystery

And the eye is the great tricker hat

Which lies on top of its lap

When we die?

Will I

See you

See you there

For my sweetest Damoyselle

With all our finest get well and farewell wishes



Douglas’s Mom

And the other one hundred flowers


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